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Purchasing Firearms

Our specialised staff will provide you with all the information you need on purchasing a firearm that's right for you and will continue to support with after sales service when needed

IMPORTANT - Must have current firearms licence to purchase.

Stock is limited. To find out more information about the firearms currently advsertised, CONTACT MARKSMAN.

Gunsmith Services

We can also maintain, repair and service your valuable firearm.

Handgun Ammunition Reloading Services

We also provide an Ammunition Reloading Service across a wide variety of calibres.
Speak to our professional staff members to assist you with your custom load orders.

USED FIREARMS FOR SALE -   (08) 8231 4888

  • Glock Model 23 $895.00 ONO
  • Dealer Tag Number: F560
    S/N: LRB 688
    Make: Glock
    Model: 23
    Calibre: 40 Cal
    Barrel Length: 100mm
    Accessories: Glock case. 2 x 13 round mags As new condition Suitable for collector or security industry.
    $895.00 ONO

  • Model 21 $1100.00
  • Dealer Tag Number: F596
    S/N: BFFG 980
    Make: Glock
    Model: 21
    Calibre: 45 ACP
    Barrel Length: 130mm
    Accessories: Glock case. 2 x 10 round mags. New. Threaded barrel. Suitable for metal silhouette or Collectors.

  • Smith & Wesson Model 686 $995.00
  • Dealer Tag Number: F548
    S/N: AUR3997
    Make: Smith & Wesson
    Model: 686
    Calibre: .357 Mag
    Barrel Length: 141mm
    Accessories: Electronic sight. Adjustable foresight. Suitable for club use. Very Good condition

  • Colt Gold Cup Trophy $650.00 ONO
  • Dealer Tag Number: F550
    S/N: LK008292
    Make: Colt Gold Cup Trophy
    Model: Gold Cup
    Calibre: .22LR
    Barrel Length: 127mm
    Accessories: 3 x 10 round mags Excellent condition. Suitable for club use.
    $650.00 ONO

  • Smith & Wesson M & P $895.00
  • Dealer Tag Number: F573
    S/N: DTV 9327
    Make: Smith & Wesson
    Model: M & P
    Calibre: 9mm
    Barrel Length: 120mm
    Accessories: 2 x 10 round mags Excellent condition. Suitable for club use & security use.

  • Ruger MK 1V $895.00
  • Dealer Tag Number: F595
    S/N: 500027114
    Make: Ruger
    Model: MK IV
    Calibre: .22 Cal
    Barrel Length: 140mm
    Accessories: 4 x 10 round mags. As new condition. Suitable for club use.

  • Tanfoglio XL2 $995.00
  • Dealer Tag Number: F593
    S/N: AB45499
    Make: Tanfoglio
    Model: XL2
    Calibre: 9mm
    Barrel Length: 125mm
    Accessories: 2 x 10 round mags. 2 x 10 round mags. Suitable for club use.